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About Us

Mr. YUEN, Kam-Wing ["Wing"]
Venue      :    The Hong Kong Football Club Squash Courts – 1st floor.
Date        :    Saturday 22nd November, 2014

Keep your eye on the ball, Hongkongers! Preparations are underway for the city’s most fun and fantastical squash fixture -- the ever-wacky, ultra-merry and big-hearted Wing Ding Squash Tournament.

The unconventional, annual charity event collects hundreds of thousands of dollars for needy neighbours with funds being raised through public donations, auction items and entrance fees.
This year’s Wing Ding is planned for Saturday, November 22nd, at the Hong Kong Football Club Squash Courts. There, 14 ten-player teams will don outrageous costumes while facing a full day of wild and demanding squash.

The twist? Every contestant must play for nearly 40 straight minutes as they constantly dart off to a new court and go up against a different challenger when each game ends.

Also, each team gains extra points for wearing inventive costumes. Last year, it wasn’t strange to see a Santa impersonator taking on a grass-skirted opponent and then challenging a pantyhose-clad cross-dresser or a shameless soul in a revealing unitard.

The top-flight, rib-tickling tourney, now in its 16th year, started as a way to celebrate the life of YUEN Kam-Wing “Wing”, an inspirational, physically disabled Urban Council Squash Centre employee who passed away in 1998. A substantial amount of money has been raised in Wing’s honour throughout the years.

Since 2003, the Wing Ding has gathered an astounding HK$ 8,210,197.13 for charity -- with HK$ 8,210,197.13 of that amount going to Operation Santa Claus, the local holiday appeal overseen by the South China Morning Post and RTHK. 

Last year’s gathering garnered a whopping HK$ 2,121,124.31 for underprivileged Hongkongers. Organizers, though, are counting on fellow Wing Dingers to contribute even more money this year.

Our record speaks for itself but we can speak with a louder voice by digging deeper and encouraging our family, friends and colleagues to support the event through donations.

2003    ~    HK$ 34,000.00          [HOLF – Home for the Loving Faithfulness]
2004    ~    HK$ 122,167.00        [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2005    ~    HK$ 131,031.00        [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2006    ~    HK$ 205,000.00        [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2007    ~    HK$ 288,557.00        [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2008    ~    HK$ 371,523.00        [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2009    ~    HK$ 534,844.00        [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2010    ~    HK$ 1,075,280.40     [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2011    ~    HK$ 1,512,461.42     [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2012    ~    HK$ 1,814,209.00     [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]
2013    ~    HK$ 2,121,124.31     [RTHK/SCMP Operation Santa Claus Appeal]


Total        HK$ 8,210,197.13

“Through the memory of Wing and in his honour, we can help to make some seemingly impossible dreams come true at Christmas time,” said Wing Ding coordinator Tim Everest. “It is my hope and one that I hope you can share with me, to give something back to those less fortunate folk at the other end of the social scale.”

Anyone wishing to donate money, raffle prizes or an auction item is asked to contact Everest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The event begins at 11 am on Saturday 22nd November ~ please come along to support your team mates. Please visit the official Wing Ding website for further information: www.wingding.hk

Tim Everest
16th Wing Ding 2014
Tel:    Mobile: 9104 6383 / Office: 2331 3896 / Alternative mobile: 9182 8299

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